Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Ilam Gas Refining Company Mission


Ilam gas refining company is one of the subsidiary companies of the National Iran Gas Company that has done some actions for a permanent, secure, pure and productive production in order to produce natural gas, ethane, liquid gas, gas liquidities, and solphur. It is also presenting its productions to the National Iran Gas Company, international affairs of National Iran Gas Company and those industries related to suolphur and liquid raw gas.


Discipline, worth, truthfulness, responding and commitment, security, continuous improvement and attention to social issues.


Top gas refining company of Iran in 1398.

Contact Us

Ilam Gas Treating Company Address :  Ilam, Chavar region, Tajarian.

Post Box : 144 - 69361 &  Post Code: 6937170110

Phone Number : 084-32233010 & 084-32910000

Fax Nnumber: 084-32246092

Email : Info@nigc-igtc.ir

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